About Princess and Quiquinou

Hi everybody,

Welcome to my travel blog. The “Quiquinou” mentioned is my husband, the nickname which I gave him while on one leg of the ten-week around the world trip, from August to October 2011.

The blog about our round the world trip spans the globe, from France to London, to Orlando,New Jersey, Canada, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, all capped off with a Royal Caribbean Cruise from Honolulu to Sydney.

The next trip is one to Thailand in October 2012.

Follow our adventures and feel free to make comments. Enjoy some armchair travel!



4 responses to “About Princess and Quiquinou

  1. Hi Sandi,
    My first comment to your blog. Daryl and I have enjoyed reading about yours and Dutchy’s around the world adventures. We especially enjoyed hosting you on your Canada “Eh” visit, and marking the Great Niagara off your bucket list.
    We hope to visit Australia, one day. On our Bucket list, for sure. And will look forward to seeing you and Dutchy again. New found friendships were definitely made. I will also look forward to your new blog. I love the name. I will be commenting more, and would it be ok to send your blog to the friends you met in Canada? More later…Hugs Denise, oh and Daryl too…lol

    • Thanks for your kind comments. It’s great to make new friends, and we look forward to your visit to Australia. Certainly share my blogs with others, as that’s one of the reasons we write, to be read.

  2. Hi Sandi & Dutchy,
    It is good to record and share your travel experiences on your blog – very inspiring
    As I was encouraging you both to take a cruise up the Mekong River I thank you for the chance to elaborate .
    We were on the Jahan ( Heritage line ) & in the signature room from Saigon To Seim Reap. Siagon is very intriguing and all the small stops on the way are so interesting especially Phnom Penh (Killing fields ) & Seim Reap (Ankor Wat) and the people in Vietnam & Cambodia – I love them all. Best to go August the off season. I do not know why it is the off season because the weather was great except for on one of our excursions it rained very heavily for 3/4 hr and then it was gone and it is 1/2 the price. Check it out.

    Tom Leiper

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