Hallowe’en in Thailand

Not really the place I would expect to see Hallowe’en celebrated, but there were quite a few scary sights to see, over and beyond the “lady boys” who are a most interesting vision. Think “Les Girls” and you’ll be on the right track.

At JungCeylon, the big shopping centre, there was a pumpkin patch in the open-air area between the two air-conditioned buildings. When I wanted to take a photo I had to wait for some kids to move out the way. We were offered to have the children (for free) but we said we were here on our own and didn’t need “rent-a-kid”. One guy muttered, “Lucky bastard.”

Today there was even a giant inflatable pumpkin right out the front. Which one is scarier – the one on the left or right?

We saw a Thai woman scurrying across the street with some costumes under her arm. I wonder if it will be a big night in Bangla Road? What am I saying; it’s always a big night in Thanon Bangla.

And last but not least, a black cat appropriately crossed my path as we trudged wearily up the stairs, after another stint of shopping, to the Banyan Suite at Thara Patong.


Fabulous Foreign Foliage

All taken on the grounds of Thara Patong Beach Resort, I was fascinated by the fabulous foliage that abounds here. Tropical climates have a style all of their own, extremely appreciated by people who live in temperate climes, such as Melbourne, Australia.

Shop ’til you Drop

Downtown Patong is the place to shop. My husband doesn’t usually like shopping but he has always made an effort to indulge my need for spending and acquisition in a place like Thailand, mainly because he knows it saves a lot of money in the long run, and also because he is on holidays and more relaxed (yay).

In Real Life getting him out to do clothes shopping is a major accomplishment, and then he doesn’t want to go to various different shops. One-stop shopping maybe once a year is his idea of enough.

So I am particularly proud of my pack-horse and co-negotiator of price. We left “home” (Thara Patong Beach Resort) to spend over four hours shopping.Various haggling and purchases from a number of shops and stalls left us exhausted, broke and happy.

The following photo tells it all.

Buffet Breakfast at Thara Patong

Buffet breakfasts are a great way to start the day. We try and go for a pre-breakfast walk, partly to wake up and in part to get the appetite ready. A hearty breakfast can keep you going for hours, especially when there is so much shopping to do.

From fruit, yoghurt and cereal, to croissants, to eggs and bacon, to Thai food and even salad, there should be something for every taste.


Thai Massage

If you expect a relaxing hour when you book in for a Thai massage, you will be sadly mistaken. However, if you want to be pummelled, prodded, poked and pulverised, this is the way to go.

Included in our booking at Thara Patong Beach Resort was an hour’s complimentary massage.

My husband was massaged by a man. Later, when we were discussing our experience, my spouse posed a question:

What sort of people in Thailand pay good money to be beaten to a pulp?

His answer: Tourists. I am inclined to agree.

And don’t think I got away with it lightly, having a female massage me. She put her whole weight into it. Some manoeuvres involved this petite Thai lady wrap her legs around mine (in a non-sexual way – well it is Thailand and I want you to know there was no happy ending here!), and utilise her feet to pound my legs.

It was quite different to massages I have in Australia, which are usually remedial massages for muscle strain or injury. I wonder what our Chirpractor daughter thinks of this type of massage?

There is no oil used in this Thai massage; no soothing and relaxing strokes. I believe you can opt for other types of massage, including the use of oil, which adds another 50THB to the price. For an hour of Thai massage, the price seems to be around 200THB. That’s pretty good value when you consider that $7.00 in Australia might get you about a five minute massage!