France 2014: Road Trip – Nothing Toulouse Except Time

On the continuation of the road trip towards southern France, we decided to check out Toulouse, but really, if you are going to try to discover a city, a couple of hours is not nearly enough time.

Parking was an absolute nightmare. We drove into a multi-level parking area which indicated a large number of available spaces, only to find cars taking up more than one space each. Unless you drove one of those tiny smart cars, there was no hope. I was annoyed because we had already taken a ticket and thought we would be stung for parking, but perhaps the authorities realise the difficulties and since we exited within five or so minutes, we were not charged.

crazy parking in Toulouse

crazy parking in Toulouse

a better choice of parking

a better choice of parking

Try this parking area rather than Victor Hugo   in Toulouse

Try this parking area rather than Victor Hugo in      Toulouse

We had much better luck at a newer carpark, from where we went to find something to eat. I was in major need of a toilet stop by this stage, after driving around Toulouse for so long and not really seeing anything, so we ate at Quick, one of a chain of hamburger stores. Oh well, it was food, but not highly recommended by moi. Fast food may be fast, but it never seems to satisfy. C’est la vie.

Quick lunch in Toulouse

Quick lunch in Toulouse

A Quick Burger 

In retrospect, we hadn’t done any homework or research on the area. For example, what is Toulouse famous for? Probably a cathedral or two; perhaps being one of the larger cities in France. We were unprepared, and if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Unfortunately when it has taken so long to get into a place, and so long to park, for such a little time, it puts you off somewhat, but as I said in the title, we had nothing Toulouse except time.


2 responses to “France 2014: Road Trip – Nothing Toulouse Except Time

  1. Would be nicer to hear and see more about the places you’ve seen along the way. You’ve travelled through some beautiful places yet you’re posting about a carpark and junk food in Toulouse.

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