Scenic Cruising: Food!

One of the most delightful sights on a cruise is in the Dining Room for dinner each evening, with wonderful meals served by friendly, helpful waiters. We have been most impressed with food on the Princess line. Our waistlines are testament to that. Even when you are trying to be reasonable, three course dinners every night tend to take their toll!

Enjoy some of the delectable dishes vicariously. No calories in looking!

From appetisers and entrees,

Delicious seafood

Smoked salmon

to mains…

Lobster tail and prawns

Lamb shanks

Salmon fillet


Beef Fillet Medallions

and of course, desserts…

Great presentation

Delectable Dessert

And as I post this to my blog, we are getting ready for another cruise leaving tomorrow. Somehow we are doing two cruises in one month, and it’s not our thirtieth anniversary for another eleven months. Perhaps we’re just celebrating early?

Lucky us!


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