Scenic Cruising: Fiordlands

Although our last port of call was officially Port Chalmers, there was still a little more to come, or a lot if you’re talking about scenery, with scenic cruising through the Fiordlands, the main attraction being Milford Sound.

Below are photos from both last year, 2013, and this year.

Dutchy on the balcony

Dutchy enjoys the sunrise from our balcony.

sunrise from our balcony

This was one day it really made the balcony worthwhile.

Room service with a view

Ordering a little room service made the view even more enjoyable.

Amazing formations

Scenic cruising NZ

The sky was a beautiful blue this year, unlike last year’s overcast weather. Last year we were on deck because we had an interior stateroom.

Scenic cruising from 2013??

Fiordlands, NZ

Spectacular waterfalls NZ

Little boat under the waterfall

The five and six metre swells later that day created a wave effect in the swimming pool.

Creating a wave pool

All too soon it meant we were on our way home, but there was still more fun to be had.


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