Sixth Port of Call: Port Chalmers

Gateway to Dunedin, which is situated 12 kilometres away, lies Port Chalmers. On both visits here we have opted not to go further afield to visit the Scottish-influenced town.

You can often get some good photos from the deck of the cruise ship. In 2013 the Dawn Princess was berthed next to the Diamond Princess, while this year we seemed to be stalked by a Silverseas smaller ship named Silver Whisper.

Port Chalmers

Port Chalmers

Port Chalmers

Port Chalmers

Some good views were found on our initial walk last year up to Lady Thorn Dell.

signpost to Lady Thorn Dell

On the way up to Lady Thorn Dell

Two Princesses Dawn and Diamond

This year Dutchy stayed onboard, except to go to the free Wi-fi tent provided by Port Otago. Many ports, especially the smaller ones, seem to offer this service, perhaps to encourage you to go onshore, and then maybe support the local economy?

One of the lovely old buildings

It left me free to explore the shops by myself. I met Dawn, who runs Aurora, a shop that sells cloches designed and made by Dawn herself, plus restored furniture, another skill she has. I had a lot of fun trying on her hats, and was sorely tempted to purchase one. They are not cheap, at $85, but when you consider they are original works of art and certainly not mass-produced, the figure is not unreasonable.

Aurora Designs

Dawn the designer

I was lucky enough to find a book of sheet music with 120 Superhits from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s from a second-hand bookshop. Then I went into a vintage clothes shop, and the lady there took a shine to my sheet music book and we ended up singing Stormy Weather together, much to the amusement and entertainment of the other customers. My other souvenir from Port Chalmers is a vintage skirt that reminds me a little of a couple of teatowels stylishly held together.

sheet music

vintage skirt

When I returned to the ship a lot of people had finished utilising the free Wi-fi, so I was able to get a seat and do some serious blogging before the Dunedin shoppers arrived back on their shuttle, all wanting to use the internet. Good timing on my part!


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