Third Port of Call: Napier

Known as “the Art Deco capital of the southern hemisphere”, Napier is nestled in Hawke’s Bay on New Zealand’s North Island.

Devastated by an earthquake in 1931, it was decided to rebuild in the original Art Deco style, with covenants limiting modern construction.Occasional buildings survived, such as a little row of single-fronted terrace homes dubbed The Six Sisters.

Napier  (5)

I adore all the fascinating doors and windows. There is something so stylish about this architecture.

Napier Art Deco Doors

The Daily Telegraph

Art Deco ornaments

My souvenir from Napier last year (2013) was a lovely silhouetted lady lamp, which I don’t seem to have a photo of at the moment. On my return home I shall edit this post to add photographic evidence of my purchase.

Charleston Chic shopfront

I found a beautiful silver, marcasite and black onyx ring at Charleston Chic, an early birthday present, which I have to wait for until July, but which I was allowed to wear once on the cruise. Photo later, if I remember!

We enjoyed Napier so much last year that I had the idea to bring some art deco fashion with us, set the camera to black and white, and have ourselves a little photo shoot this time. The wig and feather boa was in my luggage, and then I bought a lovely cotton parasol to complement the outfit. I love time travelling!

My New Parasol

Accosting a passer-by, I asked her to take a photo of the two of us, strategically placed in front of two vintage cars and with an old  building in the background. Dutchy(Quiquinou) was in place, the camera was ready. All she had to do was hold the camera exactly as I had and wait for me to take up my position. This is the resultant portrait.

Napier time travel

Operation Art Deco was successful!


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