Fourth Port of Call: Windy Wellington

Here is a little visual to show how Windy Wellington, at the bottom of New Zealand’s North Island, achieved its nickname.

Wellington hairdo

From CentrePort Wellington, shuttle buses are available to take you into the CBD for NZ$5 each way. However, it is not an onerous walk, taking approximately 15 minutes. We even walked back from the Museum, at a good pace, in about 20 minutes.

In 2013, we chose to take the Cable Car up Mount Wellington and walk back down, wending our way through the Wellington Botanic Garden.

This way to the Cable Car

View from Mount Wellington

View from Mount Wellington

Zooming in on the Dawn Princess

The walk back down, which finishes at Parliament, takes about 40 minutes, including capturing a few photos for posterity on the way – all good for working up an appetite for another delicious three-course dinner on the Dawn Princess.

Follow the pink flowers

No Relation


The Long Walk Down

This year our main plan was to get some of our favourite cruise photos printed. Apparently in NZ you can do this at a pharmacy. We checked one out but decided for our 27 prints it was a little much at 80 cents each. The Kodak shop’s machine was out of order, and wouldn’t be online until the next day, when we would already be in Akaroa. Someone helpful suggested Harvey Norman, which entailed even more walking.

We enquired at the counter to find there may be a 2 ½ hour wait. Oh dear, we didn’t have that much time to play with before the ship sailed, because we had had a slow start to the day. However, when I explained our dilemma, the helpful photo assistant managed to fit us in the queue, telling us to come back in twenty minutes. Even better, they were only 15 cents per print.

Meanwhile, I was hungry, having been off the ship and walking for hours, so I set off to find both a toilet and some fruit to tide us over. Ending up at Moore Wilson’s, a sort of buy in bulk/department store, I found out that they have two separate areas, one for household goods, and another for fresh food. I also discovered that while they didn’t accept credit cards, my eftpos card wouldn’t work either. Off I went to the ATM, which Dutchy/Quiquinou had suggested I do in the first place. Okay, I admit that this time he was right, a rare occurrence I know….

All that for a 65 cent banana which we shared! But the photos came out well and a good day’s exercise was had by all.

Where the Old Meets the New

Pretty Reflections

Port of Wellington viewed from the ship


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