We’ll Weather the Weather…


It’s the luck of the draw as to what weather you’ll have on the crossing to New Zealand. We left Station Pier at Melbourne with sublime sunshine, which turned nasty within twelve hours. What happened to the old adage of “red sky at night, shepherd’s delight”?

red sky at night

red sky at night

The photos we took on our balcony the night we departed seemed promising. However, these hopes were short-lived, as bleak weather greeted us the next morning. Apparently a low-pressure weather system passed over us, creating this problem of being in its wake, causing four to six metre swells, misty rain and the closure of the top outside decks to foot traffic. The swimming pools have even been emptied, for safety reasons. Not that I’ve been out there in the decidedly unpleasant atmospheric conditions.

C’est la vie. At least last year when our friends did their inaugural cruise, the crossing was kind until we hit Milford Sound at the bottom tip of New Zealand. That cruise was also in January, although two weeks earlier.

You can still have fun as long as you can keep the queasiness at bay. We’ve both had a few hours of feeling woozy – no, not from alcohol! I think the Horizon Court buffet on Level 14 sways more than other areas on the ship. Perhaps it’s because you can see more of the sea up there? We’ve been enjoying the a la carte lunch in the dining room on Level 7 for this reason, and also because it seems a little more civilised.


2 responses to “We’ll Weather the Weather…

  1. Red Sky at night Sailors Delight, is what we call it, in Canada eh! The big guy and I just finished watching Visions of France, and then Italy… YES. Hope you and your big guy…have smooth sailings hence forth.

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