Travel ready

Such sensible advice on travelling light, I am re-blogging frenchfry36’s post on packing.
I personally love taking everything I might ever need, but am getting better at minimising the quantity every time I travel.

A house in France

One thing about travelling overseas every year (as well as packing up to move from house to house when housesitting or houseswapping) is that I’m getting quite adept at packing.
Also, over a period of time, I have been streamlining my clothes, toiletries and luggage to be “travel friendly”. When I need something new I think carefully about comfort, coordination, easy-wear, easy-care, crush-ability and versatility.

It’s not about having lots of things, it’s about having the right things. And I’m really pleased with myself when I stick to my guns and wait until I find just the right thing – sometimes replacing 2 existing items with just one. Less is more as the saying goes, and in this case, having less to choose from makes it easier to decide what to pack.

As part of my “downsizing” I sometimes take older clothing across to our house in France “to die”…

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