A Few More Amusing Sights in Patong, Thailand

Further to a previous post of amusing sights on our trip to Phuket, here are some more.

You can always find creative spelling in Thailand, as with this sign for gasoline.

creative spelling of gasoline

There seemed to be some confusion as to the difference between jumping and diving.

no jumping

You can even buy a t-shirt politely telling anyone who cares to read it that you are somewhat tired of being approached by all and sundry offering you transport, tailoring or touch. I preferred smiling and saying “No thank you”, although by the end of our stay it was definitely wearing a bit thin.

seen on a t-shirt

I love the paradox and honesty of the next one. Copying is a national pursuit in Thailand after all.

genuine fake watches

I was momentarily shocked when I saw a head in the boot of a car, relieved to find it was actually a statue.

head in a trunk

And lastly, I love the offer of daddy daycare at a local drinking establishment, obviously for spouses sick of shopping.

husband day care centre


2 responses to “A Few More Amusing Sights in Patong, Thailand

  1. Always get a giggle out of the funny signs and sights we see in our travels too.
    And I would be taken aback if I saw that head also. And especially like the last one, except he would have to pay for his own drinks…lol

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