Hallowe’en in Thailand

Not really the place I would expect to see Hallowe’en celebrated, but there were quite a few scary sights to see, over and beyond the “lady boys” who are a most interesting vision. Think “Les Girls” and you’ll be on the right track.

At JungCeylon, the big shopping centre, there was a pumpkin patch in the open-air area between the two air-conditioned buildings. When I wanted to take a photo I had to wait for some kids to move out the way. We were offered to have the children (for free) but we said we were here on our own and didn’t need “rent-a-kid”. One guy muttered, “Lucky bastard.”

Today there was even a giant inflatable pumpkin right out the front. Which one is scarier – the one on the left or right?

We saw a Thai woman scurrying across the street with some costumes under her arm. I wonder if it will be a big night in Bangla Road? What am I saying; it’s always a big night in Thanon Bangla.

And last but not least, a black cat appropriately crossed my path as we trudged wearily up the stairs, after another stint of shopping, to the Banyan Suite at Thara Patong.


2 responses to “Hallowe’en in Thailand

  1. Ha ha… Loving this post. And since moving from the city to the country we do not get the trick or treaters. It was a fun time when our kids were young, and funny that they celebrate this tradition in Thailand.

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