Stress Less, Enjoy More

Leading up to our Thailand trip in less than a week, I have found myself getting a little anxious. What if I don’t get current projects finished? What if the house is in a mess for the house-sitters? What if we haven’t finished moving that pile of mulch before we go? What if I haven’t completed compiling all my CD’s into alphabetical order? These and many more useless thoughts flitter through my mind.

I seem to have so much to do but hey, who puts these ridiculous demands on me? Oh yes, Me Myself and I do. So what can be done about that? Chill baby, chill.  And of course I may have many things to do, but I am still managing to find time to blog. In this case it is actually therapeutic, because I can see how silly I am being.

So what if I don’t get these things accomplished? I’m sure they will still be here when I return. Perhaps because we went on a ten-week trip last year, which did require more organisation, I am forgetting that this holiday is supposed to be just that – a holiday. Rest and recuperation.  And with that, I should be enjoying the lead-up to it.

As for packing, I have a comprehensive travel list on a Word document that is fairly up-to-date; it’s only ten nights so if I forget something it really is no Big Deal and I don’t have to make it such.

With all that said, I feel much better. Writing worries down helps you vent, and maybe someone out there in the blogosphere can relate to this, and know you are not alone. Crazy maybe, but not alone.

Do you get stressed before a holiday? What coping mechanisms do you find work for you?

It’s time now for me to start looking forward to our holiday in tropical Thailand.



6 responses to “Stress Less, Enjoy More

  1. hey Sandi!! just please, take a little luggage! forget the big one you took for Alice!!
    🙂 for thailand, just swimsuit, tops, short and take your flight!!

    Enjoy your travel!


    Leslye again!

  2. Not that I feel the need for “coping mechanisms” in the lead up to a holiday, I will describe my packing process. It is painfully simplistic!!
    I picture myself doing things like swimming and going out to dinner and whatever else may be planned and then I think of what I would like to wear. Then, I get those things out of the wardrobe and throw them on the floor in a colour co-ordinated manner. Invariably, by the time I get out all the matching things, there are too many clothes and so begins the culling where they are returned to the wardrobe.
    If I picture myself reading or doing sudoku puzzles, I add them to the pile. Then I consider getting up in the morning and put together the toothpaste, make up and hair gunk that I may need.
    After it appears a reasonable pile of stuff, I stuff it into the suitcase and weigh it. Oh yes, it is always too much and a further culling is required.
    With all this to think about, how can I possibly think of “things” which “must” be done before I go. My mind is already IN Thailand by then!!
    So just put the rubbish out and GO!!!!!

  3. My stresses are always the day we depart on any kind of trip. With a multitide of things going on in my head. What I might have forgotten to pack, the tickets, the passports, the last minute things that need to be done in the house…etc etc etc.
    And then…as usual those stresses melt away as we head towards our destination to where the wind blows us.

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