Humidity can be a Hair-Raising Experience

On Saturday morning we excitedly picked up all our documentation for our trip to Thailand. Exactly one month to go, it was an appropriate time to think about getting ready.

One thing I remember about Thailand in June was the humidity. On our first trip I contained my hair by having the ubiquitous braids put in my hair by the locals. It’s not the most flattering style I’ve ever had, especially without the cap, but you have to do it once. It made swimming much easier.

On the second trip I opted to tie my hair back or up most of the time. However, one morning I thought it would be nice to get some photos of me on the balcony, so I utilised the  hair straightener, which is on my “essential packing list”. Then we headed down for our buffet breakfast at Merlin Beach Resort at Tri-Trang, just out of Patong.

Even while we were eating breakfast, the moisture in the air was obvious. I could feel my hair collecting the invisible mist, and imagined it getting bigger by the minute. Needless to say, after the photo shoot and breakfast, I returned to our room to tie it back, and there, apart from a couple of evening treats, did it remain for the rest of the trip!

It will be interesting to compare the humidity in October as opposed to our previous visits in June.


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