The Last Post:

The Aftermath:

Days of washing and unpacking and sorting ensued after our safe arrival home, managing the Qantas flight in between all their nonsense of strikes and cancelled flights.

We came home to our lovely house, with sunshiney fresh sheets on the bed, thanks to Nola and Tony. After the miniature dark beige ensuite on the ship, our white and chrome ensuite, remodelled five years ago, looked great.

Part of the reason to take the cruise from Honolulu to Sydney was to avoid jet lag, but no-one had ever mentioned ship lag to me! Just as one has to contend with obtaining “sea legs” when on a ship, so too does one need to re-adjust to terra firma with “land legs.” After seventeen days on a ship, with a lot of mileage, every now and then for several days we felt as though the house was moving, when in fact it was just us gently swaying.

Because of that, we left it a couple of days before we attempted to ride our bikes (his 650cc V-Strom and my 250cc Bolwell Firenze scooter). When we did ride again during that particularly sunny week, it was glorious. Once he had charged up my (almost dead) battery a few times, it was all good. Later I had to buy a new battery, but again, another small cost as a result of a large trip!

It’s always delightful to sleep in your own bed again – bliss! I can recommend Sealy mattresses to everyone. There are lots of rooms to move around in, although I was amazed at how much stuff I actually have, which is prompting a severe de-cluttering season in our house.

The cats were only stand-offish for a little while, but it was lovely to be back with those furry little rascals, Shadow and Zorro. They settled back into their own routines soon enough.

Simple pleasures like going out into our large garden, watching Season 10 of Stargate on our big screen, and jumping in a car or going for a walk so far have outweighed the other price of the trip – work, housework, cooking.

It’s back to Karaoke every Friday and Saturday night, hosting at the Ming Pavilion, ready to replenish “the trip fund.” All in all, it’s good to be home and planning the next journey in a couple of years!

Thank you, readers!

A special thank you goes out to all my readers, particularly those who have felt they travelled with us. It’s been a pleasure to have you on board. If you haven’t made a comment, or have sent your comments via email only, please post some comments on this site for others to see, to encourage more traffic. Find the post you enjoyed the most, and say your piece there.

I plan to continue writing, posting more blogs about various subjects under my new author name “princessprattles” and in the meantime I will try and work out how to link things together on For a little travel blog, this has ended up being just under 35,000 words and accompanied by many photos.

For those just starting to read this blog, remember to start at the first entry, dated 13th August, and work your way up. Bon voyage!


3 responses to “The Last Post:

  1. Congratulations Darling. This has been a monumental task, and one you have relished and excelled with. All I can say now is, look out public, I am sure there will be plenty more entertaining blogs to read coming your way.

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