Heading Home:

Bobby’s Top Ten:

At the end of the last night’s entertainment Cruise director Bobby Brown gave us a list of the ten most stupid questions he had been asked on the cruise, some of which are listed below:

  • Do you have to get off the ship for a shore excursion?
  • What do they do with the ice carvings after they have melted?
  • Are the toilets flushed with salt water or fresh water? Who cares?
  • Does this staircase go up or down?
  • Does the ship generate its own electricity?
  • Do the crew live onboard?

Last Days on Board:

Although the food was generally really, really good, I think during the last week the dining room chefs particularly outdid themselves with the quality and variety of the courses presented. Everyone donned their glad rags for the final formal night, but the mood was a bit pensive as we all knew the fun was drawing to a close.




It was interesting to note that the roughest seas we encountered seemed to be west of New Zealand, but because we were well-conditioned to the ocean it didn’t bother us at all. We could possibly become cruise-aholics after the two wonderful experiences we have had.

I booked in for a 20-20-20 at the Day Spa for $100 on the last day, as a special treat. Foolishly I was wondering how long the entire process would take. Oh yes, three 20 minute sessions adds up to an hour. Selecting the foot and ankle massage, plus the neck and shoulder massage, topped off with the facial, I felt fantastic and fully pampered at the end of my appointment.

Homeward Bound:

Everything ran smoothly at the end. We had to put our suitcases out the night before so that they could be taken off the ship as soon as we arrived in Sydney, then everyone was allocated a number and time to be at various meeting points around the ship on disembarkation day. Ours unfortunately, was quite early because we had a flight to catch. Mind you, the flight wasn’t until midday but our muster time was something like 7.45am. In any case we knew at the end of that day our own bed would await us. By this time I was allowing myself to really miss my cats, as I had steeled myself against getting too sentimental while we were away for the ten weeks.

The weather in Sydney was lousy, but in both Sydney and Melbourne we do tend to get a lot of rain in October. We were more concerned with what the weather would be like down south. At least during the past few days we were becoming acclimatised to middling sort of weather.


Eventually the shuttle bus, which ended up being free, I am happy to say, took us to Sydney Airport. He couldn’t drop us at our various terminals because the luggage had been put in the cargo area willy-nilly, as people had been arriving at the coach at different times. This meant we had to lug all our stuff across to the Qantas terminal. Then, in accordance with Murphy’s Law, our plane was delayed since we had so much spare time. We whiled away our time at a restaurant where we enjoyed a good, Australian-made cappuccino. Dutchy went back to the other terminal where there was free wi-fi, to check emails on his itouch, but I stayed where I was and worked on the blog.

We were given a sandwich and a cuppa on the plane, which although not as good as airlines used to provide, was better than the zero meals you get on American planes. The landing in Melbourne was possibly the bumpiest and most turbulent I have ever experienced, and we weren’t sure even why it was like that. The weather wasn’t bad enough to create that sort of effect. Regardless, we were safe and sound and Nola and Tony met us at the airport to drive us to “Home, sweet home” and our adorable pussycats.

Stay tuned for one last post from this particular trip!!


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