It’s not your birthday yet!

We had arranged to celebrate Dutchy’s 50th birthday on the cruise, although his actual birthday was a week later. During the evening prior to this, Dutchy was practising for his pre-birthday celebration with drinks and sport on television before dinner; then more drinks and some gambling after dinner. He enjoyed playing some Black Jack and winning then losing money. He didn’t want to come to see the tango dancing either because he was “busy.”

Later I was sitting on a stool in the casino, waiting to see what was happening, since he was flitting all over the place, pretty much like I do, but not necessarily when I’ve had too much to drink! But Dutchy accused me of being angry which upset me, because I was only a little impatient. Then two other people suggested the same thing to me, which did make me angry. I would rather have been left entirely alone, so I decided to go to our stateroom to work on my blog, and enjoy my own company. Then Dutchy arrived, deciding not to go out and have more fun as I was quite happy for him to do. It was one of those nights when you are happier just to go to sleep and look forward to a better morrow.

It’s good to add some details of everyday occurrences and annoyances, so that people don’t have a distorted view of travel. Remember, relationships continue wherever you are, because you are only changing the venue where the relationship is. With all due respect to my husband, of course there would have been many times he was annoyed by my actions, but since this is my blog, I am obviously a perfect princess – I wish! In my fantasy world I am never wrong.

As it transpired, the actual celebratory dinner was an anti-climax, as Dutchy had peaked early with his “pre-celebrations.”

I had enquired at Guest Services about Happy Birthday signs on the door but they cost about $30, which we preferred to spend on other things. A cake would have cost $14, as if we needed extra dessert! However, I was offered a bottle of wine as a goodwill gesture, which I was only too happy to accept, and everyone was happy to share at the dinner. The others had all “invested” in a wine package, which meant they “spaved.” They had to spend lots to save 25% on the normal cost of each bottle. We chose to stick with an occasional wine but concentrate on cocktails, beer and mixed drinks.

It had also been Chris’s birthday prior to the cruise, so they were both presented with a “Happy Birthday” sign and candle on their dessert to the accompaniment of the obligatory “Happy Birthday to You.”


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