Mission Les Mills:

A slow start after too much walking the previous day meant that it was mid-morning by the time we left the ship, this time by ourselves.

Meanwhile, overnight, the ship had moved from the Princes Wharf to the refinery for refuelling, which would take ten hours. I had this image in my head of someone holding the hose for the petrol bowser for an awfully long time.

As I am a mad fan of Body Balance, one of the Les Mills’ programs, originating in New Zealand, I thought it would be great to buy some of that brand of gym gear. At the internet café we found, for a fraction of the cost on the ship, we printed out my email receipt for the extra 20kg baggage allowance for our domestic Qantas flight. Looking at emails and even facebook, it cost $2 for half an hour plus $1 for printing two pages, rather different from 40 cents a minute onboard! The guy there kindly found the address of a Les Mills’ gym, giving us directions which led us to Victoria Street West, a good walk away.

Unfortunately, there were no items on sale, as you can buy them online. The girl was so sweet when I was really disappointed, that she rang their other gym and sourced a water bottle. I asked her how much it would be, but she said it would be free, so we set out again on the Quest for Les Mills, finally arriving at the other gym where the girl at reception gave me my lovely metal water bottle stating that I am a foundation member of their gym. That was an excellent piece of PR on their behalf, and a water bottle is a nice practical souvenir.


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