From Bahama Breeze to Disney World

Bahama Breeze:

Sharing a car park with our hotel meant it was not far to walk over to Bahama Breeze, a rather nice restaurant, for dinner.  A tropical ambience was evident, and the food was in generous portions, consisting of Coconut Shrimp and the Breeze salad for me, and chicken sliders, which were strips of chicken in small sweet buns for Dutchy. We were supposed to be sharing all the dishes, but that crumbed shrimp with the citrus-mustard sauce was mainly eaten by me, as they were such delicious morsels.

For the third time that day we didn’t have something sweet. Earlier we were tempted to have some fudge from Honeydukes at Harry Potter World, but didn’t, mainly because I was depressed about the recent discovery of the loss of my glasses, then later some afternoon tea, but decided the prices were rather exorbitant and we didn’t really need anything because we were about to leave the Park, and then after the generous portions at the restaurant we decided to forgo dessert and perhaps have cheesecake and Key Lime Pie for afternoon tea on our lazy day planned for between theme parks, which we did the following day.

Disney World:

We took the shuttle at 9.15am to Epcot, with a return time of 6.15pm set for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s hard to estimate exactly when you may want to leave, and to change the pickup time you had to give two hours’ notice. Realistically, though we had the Park Hopper which allowed us access to all four parks, we decided to forgo Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and split the day between the other two parks.

I hate to admit it, but the Disney Magic has been somewhat extinguished for me. Why? Have I been too many times? Because I had desperately wanted to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disney World had been added to the agenda because it was also in Orlando, but now we agree we have had our fill. I never thought I would say that, but never say never.

However, we enjoyed the day, but funnily one of the highlights was visiting “France” for lunch. The staff all spoke French so I was happy to practise my favourite language, and delighted when I was told that I spoke French very well. We loved the cheese platter, baguette, tarte au fraises and the Napoleon. Perhaps the Americans cannot pronounce “millefeuille” successfully, so they have renamed it after Bonaparte? Delicious either way.

Disappointed that the Studio Backlot Tour had been cancelled due to refurbishment, we found another interesting thing to see, American Idol. It was done realistically, with three (American) contestants who had auditioned earlier in the day. That night they would have a winner from the heats who would receive a golden ticket to be at the head of the queue for auditions for the next real American Idol – shades of Willy Wonka.

Dutchy’s not big on rides, though his stomach can stand really hot and spicy food. I, on the other hand, don’t like my food too piquant, and yet I love roller coasters. Drop-type rides no, but up and down and over and round with g-forces thrown in excites me, such as the Aerosmith Rock’n’Roller. We filled in the rest of the day easily, when after being hot all day, suddenly the heavens opened an hour before pickup. We actually enjoyed the respite, sitting under an umbrella at a table being entertained by piped music from old television shows as diverse as Mission Impossible to the Addams Family. I managed to scrawl down this blog which was good time management, and at the end of the day was proud of myself that the only one souvenir I had purchased was what I had planned before I even left home – a movie clapper board.  Another season has ended but there are always fond memories.


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